Email- certifiedambi@gmail.com 

Phone- (860) 869-4459

Promo Packages 

Banner - $25 per week 

Includes the following: 

Site banner with your business or brand  name with your direct contact

Banner will be displayed on all  pages of this site for one week from Sunday to Saturday 

(unless other wise requested and confirmed)

Section- $50 per week or $150 for 4 weeks (1 month)

Includes the following: 

Feature on main website page

Your business or brand  name with your direct contact

Details on your specific product 

Brief bio  about  your business or brand 

Featured picture(s) of your product or logo  

Artist EP/Album Promotion 

$100  up front one time  fee and 25% of all sales 

 This will allow your music to be promoted and sold on this platform for you    

 Contact for more information 

**serious inquiries only** 

Terms and Conditions 

Promotional Packages 

All slot reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.

Nonrefundable payment due within 24 hours of confirmation of date availability

Banner Reservation

Section Reservations

If required information is not submitted timely and causes delay  in your promotion start date,  this will NOT extend your promotional time that was paid for.